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Administration and support of exclusive IT solutions for your business: DevOps, Kubernetes, web and mobile application development.


6 reasons why we have won the trust

Why us?

There are no any managers in our company – you will discuss all work stages personally with the executors.

Convenient ticket system with a transparent system of detailed reports.

Guaranteed SLA and quick solution to any problems. Interactive response time is from 15 to 30 minutes.

Rates and result payments are available.

Free consultation at any stage and real-time monitoring.

Exclusively certified professionals with over 10 years of experience.



Kubernetes is a flexible container management system and a universal platform for deploying applications. We are leading experts in Kubernetes, bringing together a team of the best solution architects and DevOps engineers. We are the first to learn about innovative technologies. Therefore, we are able to interact directly with your developers.

We provide a full range of services: from architecture design and installation of certified distributions, to cluster safety and network environment configuration.

Implementation of Kubernetes and system individual preference considering your applications features.

Twenty-four-hour L1 and L2 support for the entire Kubernetes infrastructure.

Free subscription to updates of technology solutions and DevOps practices.

2-day training session on the correct operation of Kubernetes for your employees.




DevOps is a methodology for developing a logical and consistent system for easy communication between administrators, programmers, and testers.

It is a seamless control architecture that coordinates the work of a large team for uptime growing of the entire infrastructure to 99.5%.

In the DevOps segment we provide a comprehensive range of services: administration, CI/CD configuration, clusters go-no-go testing, services transfer on Kubernetes and more.


Working on CI / CD turnkey approach: from Continuous Integration automation to Continuous Delivery.

Send projects to microservice architecture with application separation into independent blocks for work simplification and problems localization, if any.

Help to containerizate applications for faster data processing and simplify the process of scaling.

Maintain a complex of existing CI/CD processes within your applications.


We provide twenty-four-hour support for your servers and Kubernetes systems. We ensure high-availability of all services, increasing uptime up to 99.5%. Your project will be under our constant supervision: we work without days off, breaks and even on holidays. We respond to the request within 15 minutes, and give the solution of even the most serious problem within no more than 3 hours. Choose the proper tariff right now.


It is the ideal choice for quick solutions to one-off tasks


38 $/hour

  • Hourly pay
  • Take on a job in 30 minutes
  • You pay for the result, but not for the consultation
  • Fair timing and detailed reporting
  • Communicate directly with the executor, but not with the manager



cluster of size up to 5 nodes

990 $/month

  • Twenty-four-hour status monitoring and go-no-go support
  • Kubernetes assembly diagnostics
  • Guaranteed SLA
  • Kubernetes updates
  • ETCD Backupping
  • Ingress Controller and Health Check Support and Configuration

Rates for 24/7 support service


This rate includes any work
to ensure the system high-availability and its fault-tolerance enhancing

380 $/month

  • Support of 2 servers: host and backup one
  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring
  • Interactive response within 30 minutes
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This rate includes 24/7 support, database configuration and server optimization for high loads.


760 $/month

  • Support of 5 servers
  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring
  • Interactive response within 15 minutes
  • Backupping
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This rate includes back upping, database optimizations and assistance with the relocation of servers to other data centers


1590 $/month

  • Support of 20 servers
  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring
  • Interactive response within 15 minutes
  • Leased line support
  • Guaranteed SLA
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IT Infrastructure Building


We create balanced and safe solutions that are adapted to the features of your business. Addressing to DigiThrone, you get the reference quality as a default.

We will design, develop or improve your IT infrastructure. Our specialists have been creating unique corporate solutions that will provide your projects with functionality and performance for more than 10 years.

We have extensive experience in private data centers building, we also implement a convenient and reliable IT infrastructure of any complexity, providing with twenty-four-hour support. We optimize hardware, system and software for maximum fault-tolerance.




Our experts will undertake the development of complex mobile and web applications with high loads. We create fault-tolerant systems with easy-to-scale infrastructure. Several full-time developers and QA specialists will work on your project at once to ensure maximum performance and reliability of the service.

Development of complex web solutions: personal accounts, interactive services and projects with non-standard functionality

Creation of adaptive sites based on 1C-Bitrix, design, corporate identity development

IT support for websites and online stores: from the functionality processing to SEO adaptation

Creation of exclusive IT solutions for e-commerce: analytics, development, testing, launch and support

Development of mobile applications of any complexity for iOS and Android

The technology, used for the development


Software programming language: PHP, Javascript, Java, Python, Go, Node.js
Frameworks: Symfony, Yii, Laravel
DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ClickHouse
CMS: Bitrix

Search systems: Elasticsearch, Sphinx

Queueing:  RabbitMQ, Kafka


Angular, AngularJS, Jquery

Mobile applications:

Swift(iOS), Java(Android), Ionic, Xamarin



Before DigiThrone college guys we worked with 3 DevOps, who impressed us by the super-resume, but didn't impressed by the work because of broken deadlines, disappearance of a person for a day, when he is especially needed, etc. Specialists from the DigiThrone have configured a complex system in a super short time; they keep in touch at all times, which is especially important in this work and they are just nice to people. Therefore, I recommend them!

Oleg Gralnikov [ST-com]

Certainly, they did perfectly and quickly a good job. The original task was done correctly and in the shortest possible time! The UNINTEL is appreciate to DigiThrone for their excellent work and assistance.

Vlad Vladich [UNINTEL]

We are absolutely satisfied by the DigiThrone work. They helped us to configure and optimize the server for a site with an attendance of 60 thousand unique visitors per day (php-fpm, mysql, nginx cache, geo-ip). Continue to work with them on a permanent basis. Therefore, I recommend them!

Sergey Chernyshev [naminger]

I can admit the DigiThrone employees are excellent specialists and they know their stuff! The task was not a trivial matter with several leased servers attached and a self-made CMS, but guys coped with it just masterfully and very quickly. All deadlines were met completely! Another important moment for customers is communication and everything concerning that was at the highest level too: Experts were always available, answered almost instantly, worked without any reminders, constantly kept in loop on what has already been done and what was the stage of the problem solution as a whole. In general, cooperation with them elicited only positive emotion, I highly recommend!

Evgeniy T. [Rayled]

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